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Kansu bowl massage: feet or back

Kids also need softness, I offer a variety of short massages and treatments adapted to the kid’s need.

Wellness massages, could be performed on the futon! (except the full body massage)

white Parrot


Full Body Massage

50min - 45€

Plumeria Fleur


Head and Face 



Hands or Feet Massage 

30min - 35€



Head and Face 


20min - 25€



Back or Feet Massage

with Kansu Bowl 

20min - 25€

Not suitable for babies.

Deciding to receive a massage must be your child's decision, not yours. He must agree if you wish to offer him one.

Offer limited to 14 years old.

Libellule bleu


Energetic treatment with laying on hands.

Performed on the massage table with clothes on or sat on the floor, depending on the child's age.

​This treatment is particulary recommended for energetic blocks, stress, fatigue, hyperactivity, emotional shocks.


30min - 35€

One parent is obviously welcome in the room, resulting from a common agreement between the adult and the child. (please bring a book! we try not to talk during the massage)

Or you could have a walk around!

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