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Fabien Lapouge, sound therapist / energy specialist, joins me to offer you an exceptional trip!

Plan 2h30 of presence as well as a preferably relaxing activity after the treatment, in order to enjoy!

As in each session, before starting, we take stock of your physical form and emotional state of the day in order to properly orient the treatment.

In more details, how is this treatment performed?

This is a 4-hand treatment: while I practice the Balinese and intuitive massage, from head to toes , face included (acupressure points or massagewith oil), Fabien will give you an energetic treatment and will use his Tibetan bowls applied directly to the body or placed next to it. He also uses Koshi chimes (magnificent sound travel guaranteed!) As well as tuning forks which vibration is applied directly to your body.

We work in harmony, listening to what your body asks for, in an improvised and unique dance in order to relax you, to allow you a multi-sensory and energetic journey, to go and restore imbalances.

Performed on a massage table, with virgin organic coconut oil, sesame or sweet almond oil.

During the massage, only the massaged part is uncovered, the rest of the body being covered by a sarong (Balinese fabrics). The chest is covered with a towel when massaging the abdomen.

Time is given to massage the abdomen, on which I practice a deep massage of the organs in order to revive the energy flow and their vitality.

Don't be afraid of the cold! The massage room is a small, well-heated cocoon and I have, in addition to the blankets, hot othadams (Ayurvedic pouches of herbs and spices) which will act as little hot water bottles, if you wish.


Not suitable for : pregnancy ( see pregnancy massage ) skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, shingles, herpes, athlete's foot, skin cancer), fracture or recent surgery, all types of "ongoing" cancer.

(Well-being massage, cannot replace medical advice or physiotherapy massage)

40 min - 40€

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