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Karine Fremaux

In 2009 I traveled together with a friend for the first time to Bali. I was impatient to discover this island with the repution of beeing magic and to which I was attracted since several years. During this travel I discovered the never-ending green spaces composed by rice fields and tropical jungle, parasidiac sea side, as well as fascinating people and culture.

Bali is also an Island with characteristic smells of incense and rice, not found in the neighboring islands. Bali is also a landscape full of temples with Balinese people bringing daily offerings. Bali is also its music played on gamelan and its traditional dance which is passed from generation to generation since childhood. And Bali is also a together of rituals and beautiful things that I have experienced and loved.

Naturally, by the nature of the duality present in all things, Bali is not only a idiliac post card image , but has also its unconfortable sides.
Nevertheless, this travel had a big impact on my life and a departure point.


In 2012, I came to live in the Dordogne region, with the goal of living and “alternative” life. I left behind my life as a landscape gardener in Paris and decided to dedicate my life to the creation of therapeutic cuddle toys as well as cloth and accessories.

​In the same time I met Muriel Lasserre who is a massage therapist specialized in Ayurveda. This encounter brought me the teachings of the art of ayurvedic massage, which I particularly like. But as life sometime is, I never ended this education, or not yet!

Then at the end of 2013, I returned alone to Bali for several month, as a student, to attend a school and get a diploma, learning the Balinese healing rituals which include massage. In fact it was important for me to go get the teachings directly at the source and to fully immerse myself in the culture to be able to transmit it during my massages.

Empowered by the two teachings with similar notes, I was able to brigde the two practices to enriched the one and the other.

However, it is only in 2017, thanks to my new life as mom, that I am enough “mature and ready” to welcome you and perform this Balinese healing practices.


Finally, life is full of surprises, currently in 2018, I met Francois Mazelin, a retired therapist and instructor, who taught me knowledge and practices, which are more destined for the spirit then to the body structure, in the optic of a spiritual opening.


The variety of massages that I propose to this date are the results of the therapeutic and life teachings gathered so far, and I wish that they bring you relaxation, well being of the body and spirit as well as guidance.


Looking forward to welcome you!


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