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Balinese tradition 

The massage:


The traditional Balinese massage comes from an ancestral cultural heritage. It has been influenced by ayurveda (India) and its techniques, by the traditional Chinese medicine and its acupressure points, as well as more recently by the swedish massage (kneading, striking, stretching and gentle touching).

This massage is a harmonious mix of all enveloping and fluid, sometimes soft and sometimes deep, dynamic and relaxing touch.

The traditional Balinese massage allows to releave tensions, to relax the muscles, to energize the blood and lymph circulation, to eliminate toxins and to access to a deep relaxation.

Furthermore, the balinese men and women, which are dance masters since their childhood, practice this massage like a dance, which confers them a particular cadence, ensuring to embrace the concept of balance between humans, universe and nature. This balance is called Tri Hita Karana.

Balinese Treatment:

​The treatment provided in Bali is a together of beauty rituals to take care of the body from head to feet!

It includes a starting refreshing feet bath (Balinese people ware flip flops most of the time!), hair care, facials, whole body massage followed by body scrub and a wrap, then finished by a warm bath with Bouganville petals. After this complete treatment, it is custom to offer a tonic drink called Jamu in order to vitalize the organs.

​Here in France, I am not able to offer the complete care rituals, for different reasons, mostly because they use a considerable amount of water and I do not have the right equipment at the moment. 

To date I offer facials and body massage.

Rizières Bali
Danseuse balinaise
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