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Facial Care

Give yourself a time of sweetness...

Plan for 1h45 of presence​

The treatment starts with a foot bath for maximal relaxation.

Is performed on a massage table.

Face cleanse – cucumber water and then aloe vera

Face  Scrub - green tea, cucumber pulp or coconut

Application of warm towel

Facial Massage - Organic virgin coconut oil

Facile Mask- avocado or white clay and honey

Feet or Hands Massage during the mask

Washing off of the mask

Tonic Lotion (cucumber water, green tea or rose water)

​This facial treatment brings deep relaxation because it is combined with the feet or hands massage. Your skin will be clear, fresh and you will be calmed down thanks to the subtle smells of the products used.

​The used products are natural , seasonal (except coconut), fresh and organic. They are prepared by myself (except the flower water) at the last moment to guarantee their freshness. They can also vary according to the season. They are chosen according to your skin type (please specify when you book the appointment)

Not suitable in case of : Skin disease (excema, psoriasis, zona, herpes, skin cancer), recent surgery or fracture.

Pregnant women can benefit from this treatment, but the massage of the feet or hands is going to be more soft.

1h15 - 70€ 

Beauté Spa

Pack °Duo  

2 treatments


(valid for 3 months)    

Pack ° Taking care of me °   

4 treatments


(valid for 6 months)

10 massages

(all cares)


1 Free

Packs Conditions: Total amount to be paid at the first massage

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