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Gîtes et Groupes à Domicile

Do you have a gîte and would like to offer an additional service to your guests?

-> I can get to you!

Contact me by email to define the conditions of my visit.

For home groups, the conditions for me to come to your home are as follows:

- I will come during the day within a radius of 1 hour by car around Périgueux.

- travel costs will be at your expense (depending on your location, I will give you the exact amount)

- I will move for 3 or 4 massages during the day (3 of 1h30 or 4 of 1 hour) and at the same place.

- Provide a place large enough to accommodate me: minimum 3.50mx 2.5m so that I can move easily around my massage table, as well as room to put my things, either on the ground or on a table nearby.

- the room must be equipped with heating and heated to a minimum of 23 degrees (the relaxed and sparsely covered body cools very quickly)

- Provide a hot water point so that I can wash my hands before and after each massage

- last point but one of the most important: the space dedicated to massage must be calm and conducive to relaxation.

Keep in mind that when you take the step to come to the clinic, you will arrive in a neutral place where you will not get attached to small ambient noises. It is therefore easy to relax.

On the other hand, at home, each noise will bring you back to your environment and everyday life; your letting go will not be the same. So make sure that nothing and no one can interrupt a session (child, spouse, animal, phone ...), at least as much as possible.

If you think you can meet all of these conditions, I can get to you!

Count 5 € more for each service for massages at home.

Well-Being in Business

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