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Kansu bowl massage: feet or back

Reduce stress and insomnia

40 min


Plan for 1h of presence.

The treatment starts with a foot bath for maximal relaxation.


Massage with kansu bowl, with ghee (purified organic butter), application of a warm towel at the end of the massage to allow the ghee to penetrate and nurish the skin tissue, ten application of neem talc to soften the skin.

The Kansu bowl is produced with an alloy of five metals (copper, zinc, bronze, gold and silver).


This is an ayurvedic massage.

This massage will procure a sensation of softness and smoothness, completely different from what a hand massage can provide.

It stimulates all the organs and the alloy of 5 metals allows to take away the aches. (it is efficient for liver/hepatic pain).

In addition it allows to soften the feet,  calluses and to relax back muscles pain.

If you suffer of a fire imbalance (which can produce anger, restlessness/nervousness, irritability or depression, demotivation... ), stress or insomnia, this massage is for you!

Pack °Duo  

2 massages


(valid for 3 months)    

Pack  ° I take care of Me°   

4 massages


(valid for 6 months)

10 massages

(all care)


1 Free

Packs Conditions: Total amount to be paid at the first massage

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