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Plan about 1h30 of presence as well as a preferred relaxing activity for afterwards, to fully enjoy the treatment!

This treatment is performed on the massage table, covered with a fabric, by laying hands on the chakras and several polarities, on both sides of the body.

Kofutu is a powerful healing technique which uses an ancestral energy originated from the Atlantis and uses atlantic symbols. This energy has been transmitted/channeled to Franck Homan during a meditation in the 1970, and he shared it all around the world.

This treatment is recommended for persons which start a spiritual journey or want to make important changes in their lives.

In addition, Kofutu allows to enlighten/illuminate the path of life and to free off karmic memories, by reconnecting to your deep inner being, your inner power.

​Furthermore, it acts on the problem of the body, of the spirit, or relationships, in a holistic way.

Kofutu has been transmitted to me with generosity and kindness by François Mazelin, Healing practitioner (Heilpraktiker).

Wellness treatment, can not replace a medical advice or kines-therapeutic massage.

1h15 minimum




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