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 Energetic Harmonisation

Energetic treatment with laying on hands.

Performed on the massage table with clothes on.

​This treatment is particulary recommended for energetic blocks, stress, fatigue, hyperactivity, emotional shocks.

Since many years I use energetic treatment intuitively, with laying on hands as well at distance from the body. I have been initiated in Reiki but I am not practicing this method anymore since I am not feeling in line with it.

To date I offer during this treatment a quick aura reading (in order to detect possible displacements, energetic leaks or phagocytosis ), a radiestetic research of your vitality rate or different problematics of the body systems, followed by an harmonisation.

1h15 - 70€ 


Pack °Duo  

2 healings

(for 1 or 2 people)

1h = 100€

1h30 = 150€  

(valid for 3 months)    

Pack  ° I take care of Me°   

4 healings

1h = 200€

1h30 = 300€

(valid for 6 months)

10 massages

(all care)


1 Free

Packs Conditions: Total amount to be paid at the first healing

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