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Wellness package


1h15 - 75€   /  1h45-95€

Voir le Palm Trees Plage
Foggy Pier

1h15 - 75€  /   1h45-95€

A wellness package includes a gift card on which you can write a personal note/message, a package of organic plants to be infused (20g), as well as a pretty handmade sandstone mug, manifactured by the artist Claire Lecreux (L’ atelier Mataguerre).

You can also offer a treatment/massage (see the fees): ask me for a gift card.


 Kansu Bowl Massage

 (Feet or Back)

40 minutes - 55€


coming soon...

Nuages ​​blancs
Ocean gradient

1h15 minimum - 75€  

calme lac

1h15 minimum - 75€  


coming soon...

bulles roses

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